Three Reasons Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Moving Your Child Abroad

Posted on: 23 September 2015

The issue of relocating to a new country with a young child in the family can pose some parents a major dilemma. The decision to take your child out of their neighborhood and away from their friends is an extremely difficult one to make; however, you have to consider both sides of the argument when coming to a decision. Relocating to a foreign country offers great opportunities to increase your child's understanding of the world and helps them to grow up with a truly global perspective. Here's three reasons you shouldn't feel guilty about moving your child abroad:

They Will Appreciate Different Cultures

At some point in your child's life, they will move away from home and experience some level of culture shock. Whether it's relocating for college, moving away for a new job, or even just going solo traveling, they will meet people from various cultures and will have to adjust to a different way of life. If your child has already experienced living in a different culture at a young age, they will have a deep, intuitive appreciation of different cultures that will make this adjustment that much easier.

While there is some debate among parents about the benefits of "throwing a child in at the deep end," this is really one of the best ways your young one will grow up with a deep understanding of the world. Of course, you shouldn't relocate to another country for this reason alone; however, if the opportunity arises, don't feel guilty about taking it with both hands, as it presents a great opportunity to teach your child an invaluable life lesson.

Their Intelligence Will Increase

While the argument regarding nature vs nurture rages on indefinitely, there is no doubt that relocating to a foreign land will increase your child's level of intelligence. Particularly, if you move to a country in which English isn't the native language, your child will grow up learning another language in addition to the one spoken at home. Some adults relocate purely to immerse themselves in another language, so giving your child this opportunity at a young age will do them good.

Not only will international relocation help your child become bilingual, it will also instill a deeper understanding of the English language in them. As any bilingual will tell you, the process of coming to understand a new language throws up an unrivaled opportunity to expand your knowledge of English. Therefore, if your child grows up in a multilingual environment, they will grow up with a deep understanding of language that will place them in good standing for school and beyond.

They Will Have Lasting Memories

Of course, moving abroad is entirely different to an extended vacation. However, this doesn't mean that the opportunity to relax and have a good time won't present itself regularly. And when it does, you will have a wide variety of options that simply aren't available back home.

If you've been living in the same city or state for a lengthy period of time, you'll already be aware of your available recreation opportunities and have probably already tried most that appeal to you. Moving abroad gives you and your child the chance to try some new things that you simply wouldn't have the opportunity to do back home. Not only will this give them an unparalleled chance to try new things, but it also offers the opportunity to create some lasting memories with your young one. Just don't forget to pack your camera--you're going to need it!

Deciding to move abroad with a young child is a tough thing to do; however, you are giving them an invaluable gift that they will thank you for later in life. To make the relocation process go more smoothly and allow yourself the time to focus on your young one, consider contacting an international relocation company, such as those found at sites like, who will be able to handle the storage and logistical side of things on your behalf.