How to Solve These 3 Problems of Moving Your Bedding

Posted on: 16 June 2022

When you pack up your home to move, some of your belongings may prove to be more challenging than others. Bedding often falls into this category for several reasons. To help you conquer the challenges of moving bedding, here are a few common moving complaints and what you can do to solve them. 

1. It Takes Up a lot of Space

Comforters, pillows, and other linens can end up taking quite a lot of space. Not only do oversize items waste packing boxes and materials, they also add to the cost of the move and storage facilities by taking up more than their fair share. What can you do about this? 

One tool many use is a vacuum bag. These bags are sealed, and the air is removed with a standard vacuum hose. Vacuum bags condense large, soft, airy items like linens into much smaller spaces with little or no harm. 

Another solution to bulky linens is to use them as packing material for other belongings. This saves space by wrapping them around things and into empty spaces that already exist. And they take the place of other packing materials. 

2. Pests and Debris May Harm It

Anything organic faces some risk when packed up and placed in storage for any length of time. Bedding and linens can be especially at risk if they are exposed to moisture, humidity, dust, or even inks and fabrics surrounding them. Not to mention the possibility of organic-loving pests. 

Fight back against risks by using the right packing materials. Place bedding into fabric bags, avoiding plastic bags that could trap moisture in the air inside. Add desiccants to reduce humidity in containers, and consider placing some inside storage units as well. Finally, protect bedding by sealing it in sturdy bins instead of loose cardboard. 

3. You Need These Items

Anything you must use up until the last moment or need as soon as you arrive in your new home presents a logistical challenge. 

Once again, you have a few options to deal with this. Some people purchase inexpensive new bedding items, including sheets and pillowcases, which can be used in place of the permanent versions being packed. 

You can also opt to transport essential bedding items in a box that remains with you during the drive to your new home. In addition to removing stress about getting these washed and into the truck, you also have them available when you arrive. 

Where to Start

Want more tips for ensuring the best packing, storage, and arrival for all your bulky and delicate bedding? Start by meeting with a moving company in your area today.