How To Personalize Your Residential Moving Services

Posted on: 19 January 2022

Which company can provide you with the right residential moving services? You don't want a generic moving experience. All moves are not the same. This means that you may need special services or have different needs from your neighbor, co-worker, best friend, or anyone else who has moved, is moving right now, or will move in the future. Before you agree to an estimate, take a look at what you need to know about personalizing your move.

Is the Best Mover the Right Choice?

Obviously, you want the best contractor available. But this doesn't mean you should rely 100 percent on someone else's opinion. While real-world references and referrals have serious merit, reviews aren't the only way to judge a contractor. The mover that made the most sense for your in-laws, friends, or anyone else to choose may not provide the services you want or need. This means the so-called "best" mover isn't always your right choice.

Instead of choosing the "best," pick the best-for-you mover. Make a list of what you need to move, define categories of specialty/hard-to-move items (such as breakables, instruments, heavy, or awkwardly shaped belongings), services you're looking for, and anything else that you feel is important in a move. Your would-be future contractor should check every item off your list, then they are the best mover for your family.

What Additional Services Should You Look For?

The answer to this question depends on what you need to move, your time frame, how much energy you can commit to the move, how much help you already have, and what move-related activities you do or don't want to complete yourself. The more services a moving company offers, the better able they are to suit your complex needs. These services could include full-service, packing, organization, lifting/carrying, labeling, transportation, heavy items, breakables, art/antiques, or instrument moving. 

Do You Always Need Extra Residential Moving Services?

More specifically, should you only look for a company that offers extra or special services? There's no universal answer to this question. Again, you're searching for a way to personalize your move. If this means you need extras or add-ons, you will need to find a contractor that offers some specialized services. But if you have a standard move, you will need a mover that provides customers with a basic package. A basic or extra-free package can help you to avoid unnecessary charges for services you'll never use.

Look for residential moving services in your area or the area you're moving to.