5 Reasons It's A Good Idea To Move During Winter

Posted on: 14 October 2015

For most people, moving during the winter does not sound like a good idea. Snow and ice make driving a large van or truck difficult, and the possibility of storms can delay your move for days. However, there are many reasons why you should consider moving during the winter as opposed to the more popular summer and early fall moving dates that most people seek. 

More Bargaining Power for Rental Agreements 

Most people search for apartments during the spring because it is easier for many people to move during the summer months. Generally, families and college students have found their home and moved in by the beginning of fall at the latest.

If a landlord has an apartment without a renter in early winter, they know there is a good chance that unit will sit empty until late spring. For this reason, they may be willing to make a deal with you by lowering the rent or deposit or including some of the utilities in your rent if you sign a lease agreement during the winter. 

Greater Availability of Trucks and Movers 

Since summer is the most popular time to move, it can be difficult to find a moving company with the exact availability that you need. You may end up having to move during the week as opposed to the weekend or using your a moving company that is not your first choice simply because they are available. 

During the winter, it is much more likely that your first-choice moving company will have the exact availability that you want, making your moving process easier to organize and execute. 

Many Moving Companies Offer Discounts 

Since winter is the slow season for the moving industry, many moving companies offer lower prices to their clients. With the money you save by moving during the winter, you may be able to pay for extra services, such as hiring movers to load the moving van or pack your belongings. If you can afford to outsource the majority of your move, then you will barely realize that you are moving during the cold months. 

The Central Heating Will Already Be Turned On 

If you are moving into an apartment with a central heating system, there may be a few weeks in the fall when it is still cold but the central heating has not been turned on yet. It can be unsafe to have space heaters set up around boxes and packing paper while you are unpacking. If you wait until winter, you can be sure that the central heating will already be turned on and you can unpack your belongings in a warm, safe apartment. 

You Won't Overheat While Loading the Van 

Loading and unloading a moving van during the summer can make you sweat, and depending on the temperature, you may suffer from heat exhaustion if you do not take regular breaks. During the cooler winter months, you can remove a layer of clothing when you feel your temperature begin to rise. This may mean that you can work harder and load your belongings faster than you could during the summer. Of course, you should remember to take breaks to sip a hot beverage and warm up while you move, but it is often easier to warm up than to cool off. 

Of course, moving during the winter comes with its own set of challenges along with the benefits. You may need to have special supplies on hand and be prepared to deal with mud and slush. However, with some preparation, moving during the winter can save you money and be less of a hassle than moving during the warmer months. For more information, contact local moving companies like Affordable Transfer Co Inc.