How To Move During The Holiday Season With Minimal Stress

Posted on: 16 October 2015

The month of December is often a time of family togetherness, cozy fires, celebrating your chosen holidays and welcoming the new year. Moving into a new home during this time is a new start, to be sure, but it can also be a stress-ridden event. Although you will undoubtedly have some tense moments during your move, it's possible to get through the relocation process without losing your holiday spirit.

Decorate Minimally

If your December is usually filled with Christmas trees, menorahs, candles, lights, wreaths and other holiday decorations, knowing that you may need to tear it all down before the holiday season is over can fill you with dread instead of excitement. Postponing your decorating until you arrive in the new home might be the right answer if you will be moving in the beginning to middle of December.

Moving in the midst of the season might make this less than ideal, however. If you don't want to go decoration-free, just choose the items that mean the most to you and your family, leaving the rest of your holiday decorations packed away. For your family, this might mean forgoing the outdoor light display and sticking to one tree in the living room. Or it might entail putting up the outdoor display but skipping the inside decorating this year. Remember that you can make up for your lack of decorations next year from your new home.

Make Plans Out of the Home

It might be that you host a big holiday dinner every year, but if you're in the middle of packing and moving, this will probably be more stress than its worth. Instead, ask one of your extended family members to host this year. You may be able to make up for it by hosting a spring gathering or a 4th of July barbecue next summer.

In addition to the main holiday gatherings, don't forget to make time to do the things you normally do, such as holiday shopping, volunteering at the food pantry or going to see seasonal musical celebrations. If you will have already moved by the third week of December, you may need to find these activities in your new neighborhood. Finding a volunteer opportunity in your new community is a great way to meet people and get involved.

Book Movers Early

Your local moving company might be planning to close for a few days during the holidays. Even if they aren't, understand that between holiday celebrations and potentially treacherous winter-weather conditions, they might book up quickly this time of year. If you can, arrange for packing and moving services as soon as possible.

Even if you are only moving across town, hiring movers can give you a much-needed break during this busy time of year. Letting someone else handle the main hassles of moving will free you up to attend to other matters, like purchasing gifts for any children in the family and attending important events.

Keep Your Spirits Up At Home

Whether or not you hire professionals to help, you're still going to need to do some cleaning, packing and arranging yourself. While this can be a boring or stressful job, it doesn't have to be! Invite a friend or two over to help you, play some holiday music, drink hot chocolate or spiced apple cider, and make the effort to have a good time while you work.

Remember, the holiday season is the "most wonderful time of the year," even if you're moving. Put some thought into how you can keep the holiday spirit alive and well in your home while you're packing up one house to move to another, and you'll be ready to start off the new year not only in a new location, but with a positive frame of mind, as well.