Four Places Where Wall-Mounted Shelving Systems Come In Handy

Posted on: 25 April 2018

You are working in a moving company office with limited floor space, yet you have a ton of stuff that needs to go somewhere. Guess what? You have available space that you are not using, and it only takes wall-mounted wire shelving systems to make it work. Here are four places inside and out of the office where these shelving systems work beautifully.

Around the Top of the Wall

How many bare walls do you have in your office? In your building overall? This is unused space that you could put to use for this wall shelving. Mounted one foot from the ceiling, you have more than enough room to stack and store copier paper, binders, books, boxes of supplies, etc. If you do this throughout the office and throughout your office building, it looks like an intentional design choice, and keeps the look of your office consistent.

In the Supply Closets

You absolutely need wall mounted shelving in the storage and supply closets! The shelving prevents toppling accidents and messes from occurring every time you walk into the closets looking for a box of pens or a ream of paper. It also helps you organize supplies by type and keep a proper inventory of each closet.

In Your Moving Trucks

Do you know how helpful it would be to consumers who have a lot of smaller boxes to move? Installing the wall-mounted shelving inside the trucks provides lots of space where consumers can stack smaller boxes and totes during a move. You would be the only company that does it, making your moving services a niche business. Better yet, include shelving with "lips" that prevent falling boxes and/or bungee cords to secure anything on the shelves. It solves a lot of problems for customers and it could make you more money because of the unique offering inside your trucks.

In the Storage Units You Rent to Customers

If you are also in the business of renting storage units to customers, install a lot of these shelving systems in the storage units. From about waist height up to a foot from the ceiling, the shelves can provide customers with maximum storage space and simplified organization. Considering the fact that you probably already have several customers asking permission to install shelving, you would just be giving your customers what they want most from their rental storage units. 

Reach out to a local installation company for more information about these helpful shelving systems.